Number Sense Worksheet Freebie!

For this activity all you need to do is give your students a number and write the number word on the board (unless they are geniuses and they already know how to spell double digit numbers). I write it on the board in the same place every day and I call it the “Magic Number of the Day!” (It is usually the number of days we have been in school.)

You can have students complete this worksheet independently, or you can make this worksheet a group activity. To make it a group activity, start by having the class do #1 together, then have them pass their paper clockwise and have everyone do #2 together. Do this until the whole worksheet is filled in. This just makes it more fun, because everyone loves a group activity. When your students have grasped the concept of number sense, you can also race to see which table/group can complete their worksheets the fastest. You can download this worksheet from my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY by clicking HERE.

Here are a few products on Amazon that would be helpful with this worksheet. My students always pulled out their base ten blocks to complete question #3. Check them out on Amazon HERE or click on the pictures below.

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