Classroom Library

A few weeks ago a reader emailed me inquiring about my classroom library. They wanted to know how I organized it, set it up for my students, and such. Unfortunately, at the time, my library consisted of a large pile of books with no organization whatsoever, so I had no good advice for my reader. Ever since I started teaching, I have desperately wanted to have an actual functioning library, but I didn’t know where to start or how to do it… annnnndddd I couldn’t really find the time. That is why I was SO thankful to learn about Erica Bohrer’s Classroom Library Organization labels. Not only are they super cute and polka-dotted, but she makes them so easy to use! I especially love how each basket label has smaller, matching labels to go with it to put on the books, so my students will know exactly where to put the books back. 
Here is just a sneak peak at how my library is coming along… 
{This is the only section I have finished so far.}
BTW: I got my book bins at Joanne’s. They were on sale… BONUS!

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