Cookin’ Up Some LOVE (Valentine Box Idea)

Last year, my adorable niece and my older sister came up with the CUTEST valentine box idea:

It’s an OVEN! How cute is that??! My niece’s classmates had to open the oven to put their valentines inside. Hands-down this is the cutest valentine’s day box I have ever laid eyes on!

However, in my class I don’t have my students decorate boxes at home. I love to decorate their valentine sacks with them at school. Each year I have my first graders make these cute little Valentine Monster Sacks. My students are always SO proud of the final product and so excited to take them home!

The patterns for the monster sacks, along with lots of other fun activities, can be found in February Activities (Writing, Math, and More) BUNDLE! This bundle has everything you’ll need for the entire month of February and Valentine’s Day.

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