CVCe Packet {SUPER E!}

I think this might be my favorite unit so far… {do I say that every time?} I am so excited to show you my latest unit… CVCe Activities: SUPER E!! I created this unit after I realized a few of my students didn’t quite have this skill down. I have created a super hero named Ethan, but his friends call him SUPER E. He goes around helping other vowels say their name when they are in the CVCe word pattern.
This Unit Includes: CVCe posters {color, b&w, and draw-your-own}, a CVCe lesson suggestion with an accompanying worksheet, an original CVCe story with SUPER E as the main character {in color and b&w} with an accompanying worksheet, a SUPER E craftivity that your students will love {part of this craft is pictured above}, CVCe game {easy prep. work}, and 2 practices pages. 

The first two people who leave me their email address will get this CVCe Packet FREE!
How do you teach CVCe words in your classroom?

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