Don’t Eat Pete Game (St. Patrick’s Day Themed)

Don’t Eat Pete is a classic game my family has played for years and it’s been around for forever! In fact, when I was a tween, I would take this game to every babysitting gig I had and all the kids loved it! This FREE, silly game is perfect for class parties, family nights, holidays, or just for fun!

This shamrock themed Don’t Eat Pete game is perfect for St. Patrick’s day and your class party!

HOW TO PLAY: Place one candy/cereal in each square of the game board. Send the first child away from the room and have the remaining children choose which green monster will be “Pete”. Then have the first child come back and begin eating the candy/cereal, one at a time. As soon as the child tries to pick up & eat the candy that is on the “Pete” monster, everyone yells, “Don’t eat Pete!!!!” Refill the game board and play again with the next child.

This free download also includes a few different versions of the game, too! All versions are available in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY! Click HERE to check it out.

Looking for more? This Worth More Than Gold writing activity will get your students excited about St. Patrick’s Day, while thinking about those they love (more than gold, of course)! This activity can be adapted for Kindergarten – 6th grade. (It comes with primary handwriting lines for younger students, and regular handwriting lines for older students.) It also makes a darling bulletin board for March. Click HERE to check out this craftivity on TpT.

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