Don’t Eat Pete!

Earlier today, I made a Halloween game for my nieces and nephews. It’s called Don’t Eat Pete and my family has been playing it for YEARS! I have fond memories of playing this game as a little girl. 
I am not going to lie, there is no educational aspect to this game… it’s just for FUN! 
My students will be playing this game on Halloween during our class party. 
{You could also have your students earn this game for good behavior}
To play this game, you need some candy corn…
…and a Don’t Eat Pete game board.
DIRECTIONS: Place one candy corn in each square of the game board. Send the first child away from the room and have the remaining children choose which monster will be “Pete”. Then have the first child come back and begin eating the candy corn, one at a time. As soon as the child tries to pick up the candy corn that is on the “Pete” monster, everyone yells, “Don’t eat Pete!!!!” Refill the game board with candy corn and play again with the next child.
Oh, and you also need some cute kids to play with!!
Click the picture below to download this game for yourself, for FREE!!!

What fun things do you do with your students in October?

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