I ♥ Technology!

Oh HAPPY DAY!!! I got to use my new Promethean board today and it was purely MAGiCAL! 
HA- or at least it will be… once I figure out how to use it…
My students thought it was pretty awesome though, because they got to circle all the punctuation marks in the morning message with the “special” pen.
If you use a Promethean board, then PLEASE tell me about your favorite lessons on 
Promethean Planet!! I am excited to make my own lessons (eventually),
but for now, I don’t have time to re-invent the wheel.
A few weeks ago, I updated my Glue Bottle Vowels Freebie. {You can see the original blog post about these glue bottles here.} I announced this update on my Facebook page {here}, but I forgot to blog about it! It is a lot prettier now and it includes color and B&W options.
Click the picture below to download:
To go with these glue bottles, I bought this Leap Frog DVD. 
It is a short video about how the vowels are the GLUE that hold the words together!

Have a good week, friends! 🙂

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