Candy Corn Measuring

By now it is no secret that I love Halloween… so, I have created another unit for my cute little firsties!
I tried out one of the games on my adorable nephew this afternoon and he has played it 3 times since. He keeps asking me, “Linds, let’s play that one game again!” Needless to say, I let him keep the game and I think he’ll be at my back door tomorrow, asking me if I’ll play with him. 
I love this kid {and his cute fist pump}:
This little guy is a Kindergartner, so measuring was a new concept to him. He ate it up!
This mini unit will help your students practice measuring with a non-standard unit (Candy Corn) and they will have fun doing it! While doing these activities, Candy Corn eating is *highly* recommended!! 

This Unit Includes:
– Candy Corn Rulers 
– Measurement Board Game
– Measure and Graph Activity
– Monster Measurement Activity 
– Measure the Classroom Activity
This unit will compliment my Oh, So Spooky unit perfectly!
And as always… the first person who comments, with their email address, will get this unit FREE!

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