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Since this is my first year teaching, I am trying so hard to cover all my bases.  When it comes to math, I am having a hard time. The math program I was given is hard for me to teach with, because it doesn’t mesh well with my teaching style. It is very hands on (which I like) and it uses a lot of manipulatives (which I like), but it has to be supplemented quite a bit with other material (which I don’t like).  Supplementing is hard as a first year teacher, because I am not quite sure what needs to be supplemented and how to supplement it. 
I created this Fact Family Mini Unit to help my students understand the relationship and patterns found in fact families. I even color-coordinated everything, so they can see how the numbers move to different spots in the number sentence. I made a poster sized house to go along with the flash cards, but it can be taught without the house (although, it is pretty cute).
The  Mini Unit Includes: 10 different fact family combinations, color coordinated fact family flash cards (house poster is NOT included), and a Fact Family Booklet for your students. The Fact Family Booklet is made to go along with the 10 fact families included in this unit; however, it also includes a blank page so you can discover other fact families with your class.
Click the picture to visit my TpT store and purchase the fact family mini unit!
(BTW: On the TpT website, you can have a “free preview” before you buy…)

What do you do to teach fact families?

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