Getting Ahead of the Game

My first year of teaching, I literally lived and planned my lessons day-by-day. It was hard for me to think ahead and/or get ahead. My second year was about the same, because I started over in a new grade. Now that I am in my third year of teaching, I am STILL *trying* to get ahead of the game. I don’t know if it will ever truly happen, but I am determined!! This year has already been so much better. I’ve worked out a system that helps me get at least one week or more ahead and I love it, because I LOVE the feeling of being prepared!!!   

In the picture below, you will see that I have a file for every day of the week.  In each file I put the activities/worksheets/supplies needed for that day and I use lots of paper clips for this part! 

I keep all my daily files really close. In fact, they are right in my desk!!  I have a (small) filing drawer that I seriously couldn’t live without. I think I use it more than my large filing cabinet.

I have separated the weeks by color, because I am a visual person. Right now, I am on the blue week, so all of my activities/worksheets/lessons for this week are ready to go in the blue folders. I am also preparing for the red week and sometimes I put a few things in the purple week. Each Monday I try to get things ready for the next Monday, on Tuesday I try to get things ready for the next Tuesday, etc.  I love having everything ready to go and it makes life so much easier!

Each Friday folder is yellow, because those are the days we do assessments. So yellow = assessments.

I use these plastic hanging file dividers to separate each week. You can get them on Amazon HERE and I think they’re pretty awesome.

I realize that this system isn’t perfect and there are probably a gazillion ways to get organized, but this is how I get it done! It is so important to be prepared when you are a teacher. I find that when I am better prepared, then I have time to focus on the things that really matter!

Materials Needed:

Looking for more ways to get organized in your classroom? Check out my post on how to create your own teacher plan book HERE!

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