Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

On Friday one of my awesome parent volunteers put together this adorable Thanksgiving bulletin board. {Can I just tell you that I have the BEST parent volunteers??!} Last week this wonderful parent volunteer sent home a feather with each student, that she pre-cut out of poster board. My students got to decorate their feathers with whatever and however they wanted to!!  They loved this homework assignment and had a lot of fun with it. Check out how darling all of the feathers turned out:
And how cute is that little turkey??
On a Side Note: This is what the view from my window has looked like all weekend! It literally hasn’t stopped snowing since Friday morning. It has been so fun to stay home and watch it all happen from inside my nice cozy family room. Too bad I have to go out in it tomorrow morning!!
So Beautiful!!!
Happy Winter Fall, Sweet Friends!!!
If you have a post about your Thanksgiving bulletin board, leave a link in the comment section below!

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