Have You Met SUPER E??? (CVCe Words)

This week I introduced my students to SUPER E! Let’s just say that they are CrAzY about him now! When I hung up their artwork in the hallway, they were so bummed that I wouldn’t let them take them home the same day. One little boy said, “But Mrs. Erickson, how will I teach my mom about him if I can’t take him home?” Sweet boy! Don’t worry, I’ll let them take their creations home soon! But for now, they are staying at school while we continue to learn about how awesome SUPER E is.
We haven’t gotten through all the practice pages available in my CVCe Packet yet, but in all the pages we have done, SUPER E has made an appearance and he’s kind of a big deal… 🙂
Last year, when I first posted about this unit, some great readers told me about this awesome YouTube video by Mark D. Pencil. Ummmm… WOW! It goes PERFECTLY with this CVCe Packet! My students beg me everyday to let them watch it again!!! {Have I told you lately how much they love SUPER E????}
Next week I am going to show my students the Word Caper. It is a great little Leap Frog video about adding silent E to the end of words.  Check it out for yourself by clicking the image below!

Click on the images below to check out this Super E packet on Teachers Pay Teachers:

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