I can listen! {Freebie!}

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope you all are having a great school year! I am loving my new group of kids. We are already into our third week of school and the wiggles are coming out! (It doesn’t help that it is still so nice and sunny outside.) I’ve been telling my students to listen with their eyes, ears, and hearts since I first started teaching almost 4 years ago. I learned this from a good friend (I was her long term sub way back when). Anyways, I have finally made a little printable to go along with this saying and I’ll be posting it in my classroom soon! Hopefully this will help keep them focused!
You can download this freebie {HERE} or click on the images below. 
You can post these listening rules as a one page poster or a four page layout!
I also love to read these books when reviewing classroom rules and listening:
How do you control the wiggles in your classroom?

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