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Hello, Friends! At this point in the summertime, I assume that most of us are enjoying our summer vacation! YAY! How are you enjoying your break? I can honestly say that I have spent a majority of my summer shopping. {My husband can’t wait for me to go back to school…} I just moved into a new home and so I have been shopping for furniture & decorations like crazy.  I have also been shopping for school stuff {I can’t help it} and PICTURE BOOKS! I have a serious addiction to picture books and I NEED to have them ALL! I love them. My goal is to have my own neighborhood library… 😉  I seriously get giddy whenever Kohl’s has a new shipment of picture books in! $5.00 for a picture book? HECK YES! As teachers, we all LOVE pictures books! So why don’t we share our favorites with each other? {I may regret this, because I know I will be buying a bunch of books after I read your posts!}
Here are my top five:

1. The Empty Pot: My mom read this story to me all the time when I was a little girl and I have such fond memories of it. This story teaches a very important lesson on honesty. Click {here} to read a great summary of this book and click {here} to get your own copy.

Enemy Pie

2. Enemy Pie: This book was a lucky find! I found it in a cute little book store I love to spend time in. I bought it based on the cute cover and title. I lucked out when it turned out to be a wonderful story with a great moral about friendship. Click {here} for a great lesson plan to go with this book and click {here} to get your own copy.

3. Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed: I LOVE THIS BOOK! It teaches the sweetest lesson about kindness. This book is great for creating a caring classroom and it will show your students that one person can make a difference. Click {here} to get your own copy.

4. What Are You So Grumpy About?: This book is just plain funny and I adore the pictures. This book is great for teaching about moods and different emotions. Click {here} to get your own copy.

5. Purple, Green and Yellow: This book is such a funny read aloud and my students asked for it ALL THE TIME last year. I also love it because I think it is fun to say {in one breath} Superindeliblenevercomeofftillyou’re-dead-and-maybe-even-later coloring markers!
Click {here} to get your own copy.


Wanna link up? Just be sure to add the button below on your “Must Have Picture Books” post,
make a list of your top 5 picture books with a link to purchase the book somewhere {The Clever School Teacher is a great site}, and be sure to link to the actual post, not your blog.


With this linky I hope to create a HUGE list of recommended books for teachers, by teachers!
So let’s get going… what are your favorites?


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