teacher tip: permanent markers & whiteboards

Hello sweet friends! I hope you are having a good week. 🙂
I wanted to share a little tip I learned from a friend that involves a permanent marker and whiteboard.
You are probably wondering what these two things have in common… because who in their right mind would use a permanent marker on a whiteboard…
Well, I am sure it occasionally happens by accident or, if you are like me, then you did it on purpose.  I used permanent marker on a small whiteboard I used for taking lunch count/roll. I drew lines on it to section off the different lunch choices. However, now that I am half way through the school year, I want to use my little whiteboard for something different {a place to put spelling words for the week}. 
Thank goodness for my BFF teacher friend for showing me this awesome trick:
Yay! Now I have a place to put the magnetic spelling words and I didn’t have to buy a new whiteboard!
I also had to show you our darling January artwork {which I am displaying on my magnetic art wall}. 
To see where this inspiration came from, click here.
Not only is this artwork super beautiful and lovely to look at, but my students really enjoyed themselves!

What fun things do you do during January?

Do you have any fun teacher tips that will make life easier?? {Please share!}

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