Phonics: Double OO

Last week we learned about the double /oo/ sound… (example: good, book, cook). This is such a hard one to remember, because it isn’t an actual vowel sound. Instead, it sounds like a muscle man flexing his huge muscles. That’s why I called in the big guns.

My big/younger brother, Mr. Cody, came to teach my students about the double /oo/ sound. Let’s just say that my students were in awe at his huge muscles.  

Every time he flexed his arms, he would make the double /oo/ sound (as in book) and he would have the students do it with him. They thought it was great!  

He also told them a story about a girl named Brooke whom he was trying to impress at school (which made them giggle). He said that she was only impressed with the double /oo/ sound. He had the kids come up with a list of words that had the correct double /oo/ sound. They wanted to help Mr. Cody impress Brooke!

I made a poster of Mr. Cody flexing his muscles, so my students can always remember the double /oo/ sound. They LOVED it!

After, Mr. Cody taught them how to flex their muscles with the double /oo/ sound, he wanted to arm wrestle. However, he wouldn’t let my first graders use their strength. He made them use their brains! They could only move his arm down with double /oo/ words. Everytime they would say a double /oo/ word (and they knew a lot), they could move Mr. Cody’s arm towards the table.  

Of course my first graders all beat Mr. Cody! (*wink, wink*) That just proves that brains are better than muscles!

We also made some Double-OO Looking Glasses. My students loved them and they thought they were so funny! This was also a great way to assess their learning. You can download them for FREE from my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY by clicking HERE!

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