Reading Comprehension BUNDLE!

I’ve been meaning to bundle these two for ages… but life just got in the way! Thank goodness for a day off, so I can catch up on all the things I have been procrastinating!  

I have finally bundled my BEST-SELLER Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Activities and it’s companion pack, Reading Comprehension TWO! It only felt right to bundle them, because they compliment each other so well!

This entire bundle is perfect for small group instruction (i.e. Guided Reading groups) and can also be adapted for whole group instruction (for ages K-3). In my classroom, I use them for both! I have also made the pages and activities “generic” so they can be used for a variety of stories and genres (over and over again). 

These packets include worksheets and activities for: Predicting, Story Elements, Plot, Text to Self/World/Text, Forming Questions, Details, Summarizing, Book Reports, Biography Reports, Comparing, Anchor Charts for Lessons and lots more!


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