Robot Valentine Sacks & The Perfect Valentine for BOYS!

Yay for February! It truly is the best month of the year. I really LOVE Valentines Day and it’s even better in the classroom, because kids make it so much fun! One of the best parts about Valentine’s Day is passing out valentines and it’s super important to have a valentine box/holder for each of your students. So many of you have loved the Love Monster Valentine Sacks (click here to check them out), that I’m excited to share with you a new valentine sack craft.

Your students will adore these “Robot Valentine Sacks” and they are perfect for holding valentines on Valentine’s Day for both boys and girls! I know your students will love making these because my little boy was over-the-moon excited to be making a Robot sack for his valentines– and he sure loves his “robot guy!” 

Click (here) to check out these “Robot Valentine Sacks” in my TpT shop.

Your students will love creating their own robot and they will even get to write about them. On the back of the valentine sack, you can include an “All About My Robot” section. It’s always fun to see what your students come up with and it also makes it more personal for them.  *Please Note: The download in my TpT shop only includes the patterns for the Robot Sack. The gift bag is not included in your purchase. You can purchase white gift sacks >>HERE<<.
Click (here) to check out these “Robot Valentine Sacks” in my TpT shop.

Okay and how fun are these Valentines for boys (or anyone, really)? I put them together for my little guy, but can I give them to my friends, please??? These whoopee cushion valentines are perfect for kids and adults, alike. I also love that these valentines are fun, but not a sugary sweet! I got these whoopee cushions from Amazon (here) and if you hurry, I’m sure you can still get them before the big day.

Click (here) to download the “Love Stinks” tag. It includes one page with the poop emoji (you’re welcome) and one page with just a heart (sorry I offended you with the poop…). 
Here are the links for the white gift sacks & whoopee cushions:

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