Classroom Halloween Party Ideas

I wanted to share some pictures from a fun Halloween party I had in my classroom. I have always been blessed with *amazing* room parents and the parents that planned this party really went to town! The kids had a blast and it was quite an event! Most of the activities were done as a center and we rotated every 15-20(ish) minutes.    

Have you every tried Monster Juice?? It’s DELICIOUS!!! 

Ingredients Needed for Monster Juice: Halloween Straws, Party Cups, Sprite, Cotton Candy, Gummy Worms, Swedish Fish, and Popping Bobas. (BTW: Popping Bobas are amazing!! If you haven’t tried them, you need to! They are yummy on cheesecake, ice cream, & in soda pop.)  

Monster Juice Directions: Place a small spoonful of Popping Bobas, 3-5 Swedish Fish, and one gummy worm in the bottom of each party cup. Fill with Sprite, add straw, and one Swedish Fish (or drape a gummy worm) to the top of the cup. Once served, have kids add a small amount of cotton candy and watch their Monster Drink fizz!    

This drink isn’t just fun to make, it’s delicious and your students will love it!

A caramel apple bar is always a crowd pleaser! You can use your imagination, but you basically need an array of apples, caramel, chocolate chips, candy corn, sprinkles, marshmallows, etc! My students had so much fun decorating their caramel apples, that they almost didn’t have enough time to eat them!

Halloween books are great to put in the party rotation! I’ll list some of my favorites from Amazon below. Don’t forget to check out your local library though!

Don’t Eat Pete is another favorite and it’s so easy to throw together. Click HERE to download it from from my Free Resource Library and to learn more about how to play. 

Halloween is all about dressing up, right?!? One of my room moms set up this awesome “photo booth” and brought tons of costumes, hats, glasses, wigs, etc. We got some really hilarious pics of the kids and they giggled the whole time! So much fun! We sent pictures home the next week.

My students also loved making their Halloween Ghost Glyphs last year and they made for some pretty cute decorations during our Halloween party.  

This Candy Corn Measuring board game is also another crowd pleaser and students love it! It’s also great practice for nonstandard measurement. You can include the candy, but it isn’t necessary and all the activities in this measurement packet can be completed with or without it.

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