Do you ever feel like you’re a performer instead of a teacher?
Do you have pompoms, silly hats, and an endless supply costumes in your classroom closet?
Do you sing or dance in front of your students, JUST to get their attention?
I know I do, because I’ll do anything for those kids!
As teachers, we do all we can to help our students remember what we teach them.
We have a passion for teaching… which makes us do crazy things!
For this reason alone, being a teacher can truly be exhausting.
I’ve already had my after school nap today… have you?
Anyways, I bring all this up because I have found a great and easy way to get your students’ attention. I call it the Surprise Box and believe me, your students will LOVE it!
All you have to do, is put something inside to introduce a new topic (anything really) and display it in your classroom. When your students walk in, it will get them buzzing! They will be dying to know what the present is and they will beg you to tell them, but you won’t. You will make them go throughout their day wondering and thinking about what could be in the box. If you’re like me, then you might even make them earn it with good behavior! Then, when the time is right, you open the box and reveal what is inside. They won’t forget about it and it will be the perfect way to introduce a new concept/idea.
Next week I plan on using the box everyday to introduce a writing topic. When they write, I want them to focus on character development.  For example, on Monday I will put a witch costume in the box and they will have to write a story about a witch while developing her character and giving details, on Tuesday I will put a clown costume in the box and they will have to write a story about a clown, etc.  Since I used this box with my class last year, I know they are going to love this!  As soon as they see the gift box, they’ll know that Mrs. Erickson has something fun planned for them!
To make your own Surprise Box, all you need is a
sturdy gift box with a removable lid (so you can use it over and over again).
Then go crazy with the wrapping and toppers.  Make sure to secure everything extra good.
I think this activity could work for all grade levels, because everyone loves surprises!

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