Sweet Notes ♥

Last Friday I pulled out the classroom compliments box and my students were so excited! {We call them valentines, but they are really compliments.} My students will be writing nice notes to each other during the entire month of February. You can find the instructions and supplies to this friendship building activity in my Valentine’s Day Packet on TpT {here}. 
So far, my students have written the sweetest notes to each other!!
 Reading these are definitely the highlight of my day!
rasbonsbele = responsible

badee = buddy
I am still trying to figure out what kind of valentines I’ll give my students this year.
Here are some ideas I have done in the past. They are both cheap and easy!!!
To make these Valentines, pick up some glow sticks from the dollar store. 
Then all you have to do is print them onto white card stock, cut out, and tape onto a glow stick. 
Click {here} to get your own copy of this valentine!
For these next valentines, I got the cutest pencils from the dollar spot at Target. 
Oh man, I love Target.
Click {here} to get your own copy of this valentine!
What fun valentines will you be giving your students? I need ideas!!

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