Teaching Fact & Opinion with FUNKY Shoes!

You will need to channel your inner Ms. Frizzle to teach fact and opinion with this packet. This resource is designed to aid you in teaching your students about the basic differences between facts and opinions. You will begin these lessons by decorating your own pair of funky shoes. I got my high heels (pictured below) from a thrift store for only a couple of dollars. Then I got creative and decorated them with glitter, pompoms, jewels, flowers, a butterfly, markers, and whatever else I had around my house. You get to be super creative with this packet– the crazier, the better! For this lesson it’s important to create shoes that will spark some serious conversation, opinions, and interest among your students.

Once your shoes are decorated, wear them to school. You can wear them all day, or just during the fact/opinion lessons. I promise that your students will be very curious about your shoes and they will begin to form their own opinions about them from the very start. (This “attention getter” will set the stage for the rest of the activities.) Take a look below to see what is available in this packet. There are activities that are specific to the “funky shoe” activity, but there are also generic fact/opinion activities for any occasion.








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