ukuleles {i’m CRAZY}

Yes. I am that crazy teacher down the hall who is teaching her second graders how to play the ukulele.
I’m really sorry about the noise… It’s just that we have to practice EVERYDAY…
Back 100 years ago {almost} I learned how to play the ukulele in second grade.
I am a little out of practice though, because my older brother turned it into an “electric” ukulele and claimed it as his own… So I guess you could say that I am learning right along side my second graders.

They are learning all these awesome chords and I am surprised at how much they have picked up already. 
The good news is that we only have to learn the G Chord and the D7 Chord to play most of the songs. 

They love practicing with their partners! These two cutie pies are playing Mary Had a Little Lamb.
You should hear the noise in my room while they practice, on their own, in small groups… it isn’t exactly “music” to my ears! Ahh! It is during that time that I wonder what I got myself into…
We have only been playing for a few weeks, but they are already quite proud of their new ukulele talent! 
I am excited to see how much they improve over the next couple of months.
Do you play the ukulele {or any instrument} with your students?
What resources/lesson ideas do you use?

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