What was I thinking?!?! EEK!!

Okay, okay. Let me explain why I have these creepy {CREEPY} little hermit crabs. 
Well, you see… I am a first grade teacher.  Need I say more?
But really, next week we will be reading Moving Day from the Houghton Mifflin reading program. 
It’s a cute story about a hermit crab who is trying to find a new home. So naturally, I went out and bought two hermit crabs {I was going to just buy one, but the pet store man told me that they are social creatures, so I bought another one. I am such a sucker.} I am hoping that these little creatures will make the story more meaningful for my students and provide us with lots of writing opportunities.
I can’t wait to take these hermit crabs to school and GET. THEM. OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE. {EEK!}
This is the story I was talking about above. It always becomes a class favorite!
You can check out the book for yourself {here}. According to Publishers Weekly, This slight but upbeat story takes place on the ocean floor, where a hermit crab searches for his ideal shell. Like Goldilocks, he rejects a number of possibilities, declaring, “Too long,/ too wide,/ too big,/ too small,/ these shells will not do at all.” At last, the picky crustacean discovers a nautilus with “more room inside.  Room to grow, room to hide.” [Robert] Kalan compares adjectives such as “fancy” and “plain,” “heavy” and “light,” introducing beginners to a range of opposites.”

This will be a fun story and it’s use of adjectives will be the perfect time to introduce adjectives to my students! I will be using the activities from my Awesome Adjectives pack. You can check it out for yourself by clicking {here} or on the image below.

Do you have any creepy crawlers at your house???!

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