my cameo crush

So my new Silhouette Cameo is just about the coolest thing ever. EVER.
Even my husband thinks it’s cool. You guys! That is BIG. He doesn’t really care for crafty stuff. 
What do I love most about it? Well… it cuts stuff out so I don’t have to. 
Confession: I hate cutting things out. I’m just lazy like that.
A few days ago, when I posted about my Cameo on my Facebook page {here} I was surprised to find out that a lot of people didn’t know what the Cameo did {or what it was}. Basically, it is an electronic cutting tool that can cut on vinyl, paper, card stock, and fabric. The Cameo comes with a design program and everything I design on that program can be cut with the Cameo. For example: If I want to make a cut out of the words DAILY FIVE for a large bulletin board at school, then all I have to do is open the Cameo design program, type the words DAILY FIVE in a {large} cute font, insert card stock into my Cameo, and click CUT! Within minutes, the Cameo will cut out the words DAILY FIVE and the edges of the letters will look crisp, clean, and professional for my classroom bulletin board. I love this machine and I don’t know how I ever lived without it!
And GUESS WHAT? Teachers get a special discount on the Cameo. Click {here} to learn more!

So far, I have mostly just cut out vinyl with my machine.
This week I plan to venture out to other materials and I will be sure to blog about it!

For my classroom I added vinyl to a mirror I purchased at Target for 5 bucks {sorry – no link – I couldn’t find it online}. I will be putting this above the sink in my classroom. First graders can get *really* messy faces during lunchtime and now I can just send them to my classroom sink to wash up {instead of all the way down the hall to the bathroom}.

I use this special book shelf for author studies and books I want my students to take EXTRA special care of. 
I also wanted to have my own “name tag” on my desk!  This will also prevent me from writing down my name 100 times for my cuties. Little kids love to write notes to their teacher and I love getting them! {Although I will miss the cute and inventive ways that they’ll try to spell my name!}
This next idea I copied from the primary leaders in my church {primary leaders work with the children}. I will use this bucket every time I need to choose a student to be my helper or answer a question. I know this idea isn’t new to anyone, but I love the idea of keeping the sticks in the red bucket, until they get a turn, and then the stick will go on the outside of the red bucket {in the purple bucket}. When I go through all my students, I will return all the sticks to the red bucket and start over. This will keep me from picking the same students over and over! I got both buckets from the Target dollar section and I added ribbon to the handle bar just for fun.

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