word family workbook

I still have over a month until school starts, but I am already getting everything ready. I have been in my classroom everyday for the last week and I am getting really excited for a new group of firsties!
Each year I like to create a couple of workbooks that my students will keep in their desks all year long. 
This year, I really want to focus on word families to help with spelling, reading, and phonics.
So… I have created a Word Family Workbook with over 60 word families to choose from! 
I will be making one of these for each of my students.
To make the workbooks for my students, I will copy off all the word families we will be learning about in first grade {we won’t be learning all of these}, I will put them in the order we will learn them, and then I will bind them as a book! BTW: If you don’t have access to a binding machine, then a small binder or folder {with three-hole-punch tabs} will work just fine! Or you can forgo the book idea and just pass out a different worksheet each time you teach your students about a new word family.
The word families included in this packet are long and short vowel word endings and are listed below:
  Each word family includes an example with a picture to go along with it.
This download includes:
-2 different book covers to choose from
-More than 60 different word families to teach your students
-Blank page for word families that aren’t included in this packet

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