My House All Year (Teaching Months)

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Hello, Friends! I hope you are all having a good week… thank goodness it is almost Friday! (This teacher needs a WEEKEND!!) Before I head to bed, I wanted to share a writing activity that I started with my students this week. It is a book called My House All Year  and I learned about it from my wonderful cooperating teacher while I was student teaching (Thanks Lynda!! Love ya!). In this book, my students will write a sentence about each month of the year and draw a picture to accompany the sentence. This book will provide my students with writing practice and math practice (time: months of the year and seasons). We will only do one page a day and I am really encouraging my students to do their best, because I am going to give these books to their parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences.
Here is a sample of the My House All Year Book:

(BTW: I have my students draw a tree on each page to show the change in seasons.)
Before I introduced the books to my students I read My House to them. This book has interesting pictures and my students LOVED it. Click the picture below to check it out:

My House

How do you teach your students about the months of the year

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