Oh, So SPOOKY!! (October Fun)

I am finally in my third year of teaching. I have heard from everyone that your third year is supposed to be WAY better than your second and WAYYYY better than your first. So far, that has been true… however, it is still hard. This year I am trying to stay ahead of the game… two weeks ahead of the game, to be exact. I am still *trying* to get there, but all this planning ahead has got me thinking about my October activities and how I am going to align everything to the common core. It also doesn’t hurt that my b-day is in October and so it is pretty much my favorite month! 😉
I’ve created a Halloween unit for grades K-2 called Oh, So Spooky! It has a cute lil’ ghost glyph that I am super excited about! The glyph comes with a writing activity for the back and posters to go with your bulletin board display. My students will be making their ghosts right at the beginning of October, so they can be out on the hallway bulletin board all month long.
These are the posters, so everyone who walks by my class will know what the different parts mean:
This Packet Includes:
– Ghost Glyph Craft w/ Writing Activity and Posters
– Spooky Sentence Activity
– Spooky Story Activity
– Monster Math {Roll-a-Monster}
– Halloween Story Problems
– Bingo Game for Class Party
What fun things do you do in October?
The FIRST PERSON to leave me their email address will get this unit free!!

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