Our Best-Dressed Barbie Elf

So it’s official, my classroom elf is definitely the best dressed elf out there! For days my students have been bringing in Barbie clothes so she will look her absolute *BEST* everyday. Now she has more clothes to choose from than I do! (For reals! She has too many and there is no way she can wear them all. I told my students that she is probably wearing them around the North Pole when she reports back to Santa each night.) My students are really cracking me up about this!
With all these new Barbie clothes, an elf needs a closet, right?? So one of my darling students made her a closet out of a shoebox. I absolutely love the pencil rod!! 
And you gotta check out these details!! Too cute!
Don’t you love her beautiful dress?? And she is holding a miniature version of our Christmas Countdown Chains that we made earlier this month (I just shrunk it down on my school copier).
Only 2 more days until Winter Break!!! Hallelujah!!!

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